Stainless tank 3500 liters

Stainless tank 3500 liters

Stainless Steel Tanks

Alex Group offers you the best and cheapest types of tanks in Egypt, a tank for storing drinking and irrigation water and any other uses of stainless steel with a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing and installatioشn defects from Alex Group, as well as cleaning and sterilizing the tank twice for free from the company after installation.

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* Stainless steel tank specifications:-

1- It was made of high quality stainless steel.
2- It does not rust or corrode, which helps keep the water inside clean, no matter how long the water is stored.
3- It prevents the growth of weeds and fungi because the tank body inside and outside is completely smooth.
Sealed, preventing entry of insects.
5- Ease of cleaning as there is a hole at the bottom of the tank.
6- The tank is heat resistant and keeps the water cold for a longer period because it reflects light.

* This tank has several uses, including:-

1- Storing drinking water.
2- Water treatment.
3- Extinguish the fire.
4- For chemicals and dry fertilizers.
5- Drainage treatment.
6- Irrigation water.

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