Water Filter 5 Stages

Water Filter 5 Stages

Water Filter 5 Stages

The price is for a limited period, free delivery, free installation, one year warranty against manufacturing and installation defects, free maintenance for one year with periodic maintenance contract.

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*Filter stages:-

1- The first stage:
t consists of a cartridge for removing sand, gravel, mud and rust of pipes with a porosity of 5 microns. (It is changed every two months)

2- The second stage:
Manufactured from active carbon granules to absorb alum and chlorine. (They are changed every 4 months)

3- The third stage:
Formulated with a candle to remove suspended impurities, microorganisms and bacteria with a porosity of 1 micron. (They are changed every 6 months)

4- The fourth stage:
It is made from coconut nibs to remove the unpleasant aftertaste of water. (They are changed every year)

5- Stage Five (InfraRed):
This stage is made up of rocks that emit infrared radiation that destroy bacteria and virus cells. (They are changed every year)

* Device features:-

1- Small in size.
2- Easy to install.
3- It can be used in more than one place, such as companies, factories, stores, kitchens and bathrooms.
4- It does not need a large space as its dimensions are 14 x 35 x 37 c.m.
5- The U.V. unit can be added.

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