Stages of cleaning water tanks

Stages of cleaning water tanks

Disinfection and sterilization the tanks

1- Safety and security measures are applied for technicians and workers before embarking on the steps for disinfection and sterilization of drinking water tanks and preparing the equipment necessary to operate and equip the tanks to work. With closing the water valves and starting to wash the tank from the outside.
2- In the first stage of disinfection of drinking water tanks, all dirt from unclean walls, mud, algae and sediments are removed from the tank floor and the surrounding area, so that the dirty water is pumped out by the submersible pump out of the tank or through the drain pipes of the tank.
3- The walls and the walls of the tank, as well as the floor, are washed with brushes of multiple roughness and liquid soap mixed with disinfection material and cleaning is done carefully, taking into account the sides and piping connections.
4- We clean the walls and the floor of the tank and suction the water well to get rid of the washing residues in Stage No (3).
5- We use the pump designed to suction the effects of washing after cleaning the tanks completely from the floor, walls and surfaces of the tank.
6- The sterilization stage. This stage is done by using chlorine on the walls and ceiling of the tank and making the tank completely sterile of bacteria with the availability of a contact period between the chlorine and the body of the tank.
7- After carrying out the process of disinfection of drinking water tanks and sterilization, the tank starts to be filled with renewable water for the public network, with the start of measuring the percentage of chlorine remaining in the tank so that it does not exceed 1 part and is not less than 0.5 parts per million.

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