Fiberglass tank 3m³

Fiberglass tank 3m³

Fiberglass Tanks

Alex Group offers you the best and cheapest types of tanks in Egypt, a tank for storing drinking and irrigation water and any other uses of fiberglass material with a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing and installation defects from Alex Group, as well as cleaning and sterilizing the tank twice for free from the company after installation.

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Fiberglass tanks specifications:-

* Water tanks for drinking.
* The tanks are approved by the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health with their authority to preserve drinking water.
* The raw materials used in the manufacture of tanks are approved by the International SGS Authority for their validity for preserving drinking water.
* The outer surface is silver, reflective and impermeable to light in order to maintain the temperature inside the tank, and to limit the penetration of light necessary for the growth and reproduction of algae through photosynthesis.
* The inner surface is lined with a white gelcoat layer to save drinking water with a smooth surface for easy cleaning.
* The cover is fixed to the tank body in a tight manner with stainless materials, and a chain to protect it from loss.
* The tank is equipped with a box of fiberglass to protect the electric buoy.
* The tank is equipped with a plastic pipe for wires float to the pump.
* There is also an outlet at the top of the tank for overflow, in the event that the water rises at the permissible limit, and an inlet to feed the tank and an exit below the bottom of the tank to ensure easy cleaning.
* Tank openings are equipped according to each customer's needs.
* Special places with legs to install the tank on the concrete base.

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