Water Filter R.O 7 Stages

Water Filter R.O 7 Stages

Water Filter R.O 7 Stages

Special price for a limited period, there are payment facilities systems, free delivery, free installation, a one-year warranty against manufacturing and installation defects, free maintenance for a year with a comprehensive maintenance contract, changing the first 3 cartridges, the device consists of the device + the filter tap + a reservoir of treated and disinfected water + The pump for the device, the device is Taiwanese manufacture, and the membrane (the fourth candle responsible for separating salts) is made in America. Alex Aqua 7-stage water filter works with a reverse osmosis system to purify from impurities, chlorine, dust, taste, color and odor, treat salts, heavy metals and viruses through the reverse osmosis system, as well as adjust acidity and add calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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*Filter Stages:-

1- The first stage:
5 micron impurity cartridge to remove impurities such as dust, insects and fibers. (It is changed every two months)

2- The second stage:
Granular carbon candle for removing chlorine and chlorine inside chemical reactions. (It is changed every 4 months)

3- The third stage:
Carbon Block Candle is a single block of carbon to remove chlorine and absorb organic and biological materials and chlorine residues. (It is changed every 6 months)

4- The fourth stage:
Membrane, which is a semi-permeable membrane with holes with a diameter of 0.0001 microns, works with a reverse osmosis system to treat the high percentage of salts and heavy metals such as iron, lead, phosphates, as well as viruses. (It can change from 1: 3 years)

5- The Fifth Stage:
A carbon candle made from walnut shells to remove the taste, color and smell, and the water is treated immediately before use, in which the water passes through the active carbon granules to remove any odors or gases that cause the taste to change. (They are changed from one to two years)

6- The Sixth Stage:
It is a stage to add beneficial minerals to the body such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium, and it removes odors from the water and also helps to strengthen immunity and control acidity with the addition of sodium and other minerals needed by the body to balance the body and helps to balance R.o while improving the taste and helping to stimulate the functions of the body. (They are changed every year)

7- The seventh stage:
Magnetic candle: When water flows through the magnetic field, minerals are polarized and dissolved and some antioxidants in the water are separated. As a result, the water becomes sweeter and softer, and the resulting small water molecules also increase the hydration of the water. (They are changed from one to two years)

*Device features:-
1- Small in size.
2- Easy to install.
3- Connected to the faucet.
4- It has a strong pressure faucet with an elegant and attractive appearance.
5- It can be used in more than one place, such as companies, factories, stores, kitchens and bathrooms.
6- It does not need a large space as its dimensions are 14x35x37 c.m

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